Yuma Airshow

Yuma Airshow Schedule 2020 

Schedule subject to change without notice.

Twilight Show - March 13th, 2020

4:00pm - Gates Open to the Public
4:50pm - 3rd MAW Band
5:30pm - National Anthem
5:33pm - Commanding Officer's Welcome
5:35pm - USAF F-35 Demonstration
5:56pm - Tora! Tora! Tora! CAF
6:26pm- Immortal Red Baron & SRC Airshows
6:37pm - Planes of Fame 
6:53pm - SoCal CAF Mig-17
7:03pm - Aftershock Jet Truck
7:14pm - VMX-1 F-35B
7:25PM - Fireworks Finale
8:00pm - End of Show

You must have a Twilight Vehicle Pass to attend the show. 


Airshow Day - March 14th, 2020

9:00am - Gates Open to the Public
10:00am - 3MAW Band Performance
11:00am - National Anthem
11:03am - Commanding Officer's Welcome
11:09am - VMA-311 AV-8B Demonstration
11:25am - Aftershock Jet Truck
11:36am - Kent Pietsch, Comedy Act Interstate Cadet
11:43am - USMC F-35B Demonstration
11:59am - Immortal Red Baron & SRC Airshows
12:10pm - VMX-1 MV-22B Demonstration 
12:26pm - USAF Swearing In
12:32pm - USAF F-35A Demonstration 
12:52pm - P-38J Heritage Flight
1:04pm - Planes of Fame Demonstration 
1:24pm - Kent Pietsch, Trucktop Landing 
1:40pm - USMC MAGTF Demonstration 
2:00pm - Steve Covington SRC Airshows
2:11pm - Aftershock Jet Truck
2:22pm - Kent Pietsch, Dead Stick Landing 
2:33pm - Tora! Tora! Tora! CAF
3:00pm - H&HS SAR Sundown Ceremony
4:00pm - End of Show