MCAS Yuma Airshow

The Yuma Airshow is a signature event for not only Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, but also to the entire city of Yuma. What began as a community relations event in 1962 is now an annual celebration of aviation for both military service members and civilians. The Yuma Airshow attracts spectators from all over the country. This spectacular event isn’t something that is organized without community involvement, both local and national businesses offer support to this event to ensure that military service members, dependents, veterans, local civilians, and travelers are provided with the best quality event possible. The event will encompass civilian air acts, modern aircraft displays, live air performances, and more. We continue to see an exponential growth in the amount of spectators that attend the air show. We expect that our 2015 airshow will attract 35,000+ spectators. The air show industry is one of the largest outdoor professional sports in North America. Based on the volume of spectators alone, air shows represent a significant marketing and sponsorship opportunity for companies at the local and national level.

76% of Air Show attendees are much more or somewhat more likely to support a sponsor due to their support of an Airshow.

Brand Exposure

Sponsoring helps MCAS Yuma provide essential programs to Marines and their families.

Partnering with 2015 Yuma Airshow, means brand loyalty for your company. We partner with local media to garner attention to the Airshow and, in turn, expose your company’s brand message to the public. Your dollars, or in kind contributions, allow Marine Corps Air Station Yuma to provide outstanding support services to military members and their families, and also serves to support the provision of an outstanding Airshow to the entire city of Yuma.